First, let me say I am honored to be able to represent such a great organization as is our Emerald Society. I have been on the MAPES Board in some form since our inception in 1997. I say that to tell you I have been blessed to have worked under some great men and strong leaders; Jimmy McGarth, Steve Nichols, Jim Conroy, and Randy Johnson. Also very important to me, Monsignor Dillon. I will continue to seek guidance from them in order to have continued success and tradition for MAPES.

Our driving force since the establishment of MAPES has always been our motto: “Cops Taking Care of Cops.” I cannot think of a more important time for all of us to really take that theme to heart. We have recently lost another ‘brother in blue’ to senseless violence. Detective Terence Green of the Fulton County Police Department gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting his community on March 4th. I ask all of us to please keep Terence’s family, as well as his Fulton County brothers and sisters, in our prayers. I will continue to inquire with Fulton County to see what MAPES can do for them. It is very trying times for all law enforcement agencies as the streets are increasingly more violent. We are losing too many brothers and sisters for senseless reasons with the only common thread being the color blue!

Please take care of each other out there my friends! We are all we have out on the streets. I assure you that your MAPES Family will always do whatever is needed to take care of “our family” as well as others in law enforcement.
God Bless You All!
John Pucci
MAPES President
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